Images of Rural Europe

The Images of Rural Europe Photo Competition offers a unique opportunity for rural citizens to share photographs which encapsulate life in their rural community – as a means of celebrating the beauty and diversity of rural Europe.

Click any of the categories below to enter each gallery, but please note that these descriptions are meant to inspire, not constrain you…so let your imaginations soar!

Rural People

We want to know you! This category is for photos of rural people in any number of settings – at work or play and of any age. They can be portraits or group shots – but ideally not ‘staged’ photos – rather images which ‘capture’ a moment in the life of a person living in rural Europe. The more authentic and ‘real’ the photo – the better!

Rural Environment

Reflecting the ‘new challenges’ aspect of rural development policy, such as any image which conveys themes like climate change, biodiversity, water/waste management, alternative energy. This is your chance to make a statement about something you care about!

Rural Employment

Reflecting the array of activities which take place in rural areas – including but not limited to shops, services, transport, markets, food production, small family run businesses…you decide!

Rural Diversity

We would like you to portrait as genuinely as possible the rural areas you live in with the people, the infrastructure, cultural heritage and to show us the wide array of opportunities but also challenges that countryside poses today across Europe. We would like to have a peak into what rural areas mean to you and how it affects your everyday life.

Rural Youth

Supporting the continued presence of young people in rural areas is a high priority in many rural areas across Europe. Young farmers are increasingly recognized for their role in the food security and future prosperity of many agricultural regions. We would like to portray, through your pictures, a better understanding of the range of activities, interests and passions being pursued by young people in your area.

The Spirit of Leader

For images which capture the ‘essence’ of the Leader spirit. The Leader approach to rural development is all about rural communities and the people that live there. But what does Leader mean to you?